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Post  Wogeel on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:43 am

Hi James,

I don´t know if you ever heard of the small middle europe country Czech Republic, but you have a fanbase of a few thousand people including me in this tiny country Very Happy . Anyway, there is a site called that specializes in translating all kinds of videos, music clips and other things from English to Czech, they are also translating many Web-shows, including AVGN. Right now, they have translated 60 episodes of AVGN, and every week there is another one. They are trying really hard to translate all of your rich dictionary and they are making a great job. I don´t think that you would need to put those subtitles on youtube, i just wanted to tell you that many people support you more than just watching your videos.

Keep up the great work

The site with all the translated episodes


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